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Four and a half decades ago (1971), SPACO began its endeavour to manufacture Carburettors indigenously for Two wheelers. SPACO would like to introduce itself as Pioneers of 2 & 3 Wheeler Carburettors in India and who have had technical tie-ups with renowned companies from Europe as well as Japan for a long time.

SPACO is in the business of manufacturing Carburettors ranging from Venturi 7mm to 30mm and Carburettor Spares for 2 & 3 wheelers, suitable for engines from 22 cc to 500 cc used on mopeds, scooters, three-wheelers and motorcycles. We also manufacture carburettors for Stationary Engines e.g., engines used for agricultural sprayers and other agro-applications. Besides the above, We also manufacture Throttle Bodies, Precision Pressure Die - cast & Turned Components for Automotive & Non - Automotive applications.

SPACO has two operational plants, one in Chinchwad, Pune and the other located at Madhwas in Gujarat. Both the Plants are Certified under IATF 16949:2016 - TÜV(Rheinland), Germany. Our Pune Plant is also Certified under ISO 14001 :2015 - TÜV(Rheinland), Germany.

SPACO has in-house Product Development and Product testing facilities for Carburettors. Our products are synonymous with quality, reliability and efficiency as they are manufactured using latest high precision machinery to ensure consistency and thereby comply with strict emission norms. Many of our manufacturing processes employ high precision CNC machines. We have also installed state-of-the-art Flow Benches to ensure performance consistency, and compliance to strict emission norms. Our Tool Room facility that Designs and Manufactures a variety of Dies, Fixtures, Toolings and Gauges is the best in the industry. Our SAP ERP system has been running successfully since April 2007.

Our manufacturing processes are functionally and serially arranged to incorporate SPACO's philosophy of commitment to excellence in every aspect. The preliminary process starts with the pressure die casting of the Main Body. Thin-walled castings of complex geometry require strict control of various process parameters and sound manufacturing methods.

Precision Machining & Assembly of the carburettor circuits is carried out on special purpose machines to ensure repetitive quality & reliability. High precision & finely calibrated components like jets, atomizers and needle jets are manufactured in-house on sophisticated customized machine tools designed specially for this purpose.

Since 1998, we have added new generation VMC machine tools, flow benches to make our processes more precise and conforming to the strict quality standards. After surface treatment and a series of testing procedures the carburettors are assembled in a dust-free environment. Online and Scansys flow benches are used to ensure flow values.

The final inspection ensures that the products stand by SPACO's stamp of excellence. Investment in machinery modernization is made on a continuous basis. Training of our personnel on modern manufacturing techniques makes our process innovative and quality oriented. A constant dialogue with vehicle manufacturers and close interaction with them enable us to keep pace with rapid changes in technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

As a responsible corporate entity, SPACO has actively contributed to the social and economic development of communities outside the plants' locations. Our Company, in association with Shri Pathak Gopalji Sunderji Charitable Trust, has partnered on this journey since 1974. Special focus has been placed on education, health care, community development, environment and self-development.

Salient features of the CSR activities undertaken by our Company are stated below :

Environment :

  • Our Pune Plant is Certified under ISO 14001:2015 - TÜV(Rheinland), Germany.

Philanthropy :

  • Philanthropy has been a part of SPACO's ethical and moral culture since 1974. Education is provided to the needy tiny-tots though Matushri Harakben Balmandir at Keshod, Gujarat. Our responsibility also extends to helping the needy with food, educational aid and shelter. We contribute towards rural development around us.

Training :

  • We conduct technical training programmes for Engineering Students, Garage Owners and Mechanics in the factory on regular bases along with in-house training and factory visits.

  • We have been recognized by various 2 & 3 wheeler associations for our sincere efforts in imparting to their members.

Education :

  • Matushri Harakhben Pathak Bal Mandir

    The school was established with approx. 75 nursery students. The students are from economically backward sections of the society. In order to meet the day-to-day requirements of the school children, SPACO in association with Shri Pathak Gopalji Sunderji Charitable Trust has developed the infrastructure of Bal Mandir.

  • Donation to Development Initiative for Self-Help and Awakening (DISHA)

    Our Company has made donations to DISHA towards Poverty alleviation through capacity building, market support and micro-credit programme for economically weaker sections of the Society and also for undertaking a new project under Comprehensive Empowerment of Women in a cluster of 10 villages

Our Core Values

Respect for People



Social & Environmental Responsibility

Water Hydrant System

Installation of Scrubber

Doing Water balancing, stack monitoring, and noise pollution checks

Installed ETP & STP Plants


Spaco aspires to deliver the best and the most cost-effective products empowered by superior technologies. The Company is committed to ensure value for money by developing high quality, environment friendly and efficient products that fulfils the diverse needs of the Customers.


To provide fuel efficient and environment friendly fuel system components to satisfy evolving customer needs in a cost-effective manner, always being at the heart of the motion.


Customer satisfaction and delight is our Goal.


SPACO has two operational plants, one in Chinchwad, Pune and other located at Madhwas in Gujarat. SPACO has in-house Product Development facilities & also has Product testing facilities for Carburettors. We have state-of-the-art Tool Room facility to Design and Manufacture a variety of Dies, Fixtures, Toolings & Gauges. Spaco has developed core competencies in manufacturing processes like Pressure Die Casting in Zinc & Aluminum;

We also have expertise in wide spectrum of Precision Machining & Assembly Processes like Turning, Drilling, Micro-drilling, Milling, Boring, Tapping, Centreless Grinding, Lapping, etc. Spaco also has in-house Surface Treatment facilities like Chromating, Hard Anodising, Zinc Plating.

Under a single roof we are capable of manufacturing any non ferrous component right from die casting to machining to assembly.