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SPACO has in-house Product Development facilities & also has Product testing facilities for Carburettors. We have a state of art Toolroom facility to Design and Manufacture variety of Dies, Fixtures, Toolings & Gauges.

Spaco has developed core competencies in manufacturing processes like Pressure Die Casting in Zinc & Aluminum. Also has expertise in wide spectrum of Precision Machining & Assembly Processes like Turning, Drilling, Micro-drilling, Milling, Boring, Tapping, Centreless Grinding, Lapping, etc. Spaco also has in-house Surface Treatment facilities like Chromating, Hard Anodising, Zinc Plating. We have in-house Salt Spray Testing.

Values & Strength

To keep the commitment in excellence , dedicated , innovative & disciplined people work together towards the goal. Team work is the binding force between our engineers, technicians & workers . They are our prime resource. The resource which enhances all our investments in equipment and materials into a cohesive, viable & vibrant unit dedicated to excellence as a way of life .

Many of our employees have been with us since our early days. They, and all those who have joined us since, have helped us grow and have been growing along with us.

  • Capitalize on the Company's existing reputed marketing abilities.
  • Customer focus with world class Quality and Cost-effective products and services.
  • Being honest and forth right in our approach.
  • Always deploy Cutting edge technology in the business line chosen.
  • Nurturing & Cherishing mutually satisfying business relationships.
  • Development of small components with minimum lead time.

Research & Development (R and D) for 2 & 3 wheeler testing

Our in-house R and D Division is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. SPACO realises that customer's requirements are becoming more stringent. Newer Models with latest technologies are being adopted by Motorcycle, Scooter & Moped manufacturers in India and Worldwide. To meet customer's stated & implied needs & driven by commitment towards customer satisfaction, SPACO has upgraded its R and D facilities.

The modern design and testing facilities like CAD-CAM, Chassis Dynamometers, Scansys flow-Benches for measuring G Fuel & G Air Flow, Emission Test equipment are available to strengthen our Product Development activity.

Basic concern for anti-pollution, safety and energy saving are inherent strengths of SPACO's research activity. SPACO carburettors satisfy the stringent conditions of anti-pollution and emission regulations

CAD CAM Hardware & Software

Dell - workstations 5810 - win 8

Unigraphics ver.NX10 for CAD / CAM


We have the following Engineering facilities

  • In-House Design & MFG. of small SPMs
  • Overhaul of Machining & Assembly complex unit-heads
  • In-House Design & MFG. of Jigs & Fixtures.
  • In-House Design & MFG. of Cams for automats & cross hole drilling m/cs
  • In-House Design & MFG. of assembly line equipment
  • Process design and qualification
  • MFG. of flow-test rigs
  • Industrial Engineering Activities


Toolroom set up & Capabilities

We have a fully equipped Toolroom to manufacture precision tools

  • Vision Measuring Machine
  • Sip jig boring m/c.
  • Deckel maho(DMG) 3-axis VMC.
  • High speed submerged.
    Wire electrical discharge m/c.
    Model DUO 043 with MGW controller.
    Make : Makino (MC PX23 asp).
  • CNC milling m/c.
  • CNC turning.
  • EDMs.
  • Various GPMs - center lathes, milling m/cs, radial drilling m/cs, etc.
  • Ewag universal high-precision tool grinder.
  • Agathon & Christein tool resharpening grinders.